Blended Malt: The Secret Of A Good Drink

When talking about the best to unwind after a busy day at office, many would suggest a power nap. But only the true gentleman knows that the secret lies in having a hearty measure of whisky. After the sun goes down, you need something to sooth those racing nerves that have endured the pressure of a whole hectic day. Those who are in the habit of drinking an occasional measure generally keep it within their reach at their offices or at their homes so that they might just pour one out when they need it the most. Whisky is not just a drink, it is an expression. One has to account for so many factors to figure out the perfect one for the occasion. And each of them is different from the other, they are different in their taste and they are different in the way they are brewed.

Not only the skill of the brewer but also the patience that one has to maintain while brewing that batch of malt is what counts in turning it into a successful marketable produce. The process starts from the accumulation of barley and then comes the processing. Fermentation is very important when it comes to bringing out the taste that lies within. A blended malt batch of whisky goes for a decent price on the market. The price depends on how long it has been brewed for, the general waiting period is for 3 years. That time period is a lock in that is referred to as aging of the blend. The longer a blend is aged for, the better it starts to taste. They are carefully kept in controlled environment to ensure their safety during storage. These stores date back to many years. They have been in operation ever since the company started. They are the legacy of the old generations and the treasure to preserve and add upon of the coming ones. Many a times, old master blenders leave their work behind in hope of aging the product further. These are the bottles that fetch millions in sale.

The way the whisky blends:

There is also a process of tasting that is involved in the process. One has to account for the things that one looks for in the drink. If a particular blend has got a huge following then it must look for maintaining the taste of its product. Just as there are master blenders in a plant, there are also tasters who use their talent to determine the taste of a drink. Their palates are kept refined through maintenance and practice. They taste the produce after it has been processed and made ready for storage and also at the time of selling, right before the catch is made ready to leave for the market. A blended malt is one of the most exclusive forms of whiskey and is generally consumed in circles that are very elite in their refinement. Thus, it becomes all the more necessary to get the drink just right and not have any fallbacks with the product or the packing.

And then there are ways to have a drink! It is not only about pouring it into a glass and gulping it straight down but about having the taste of it. You have to have a measure out a drink and have it mixed ready with water or whatever you prefer to have for having the perfect one! It is generally not advised that one takes it neat (that is without any dilution) as it tends to burn your taste buds so much so that it gets damaged and renders you incapable to taste the next peg that you order.

Blended malt is one of those drinks that are filtered further to give a better and smooth taste. It leaves a rich after taste. The effect of the alcohol too sets in gradually and not all of a sudden. You get to experience all the stages of being calm. It silent the inner turbulence like a sea goes to sleep after witnessing a storm. All that is left for you to do is just lie back with another one in your hand and let it work its magic. There needs to be a fixed interval between every drink, each one asks for its own time. You have to let the flavor sink in for you to enjoy the real essence of it.

The way to drink a malt:

While having one in the evening, it does not suit to have it without any side dish. It adds to the taste of the drink that you are having. These add to the flavor of the malt and bring out the taste in the drink. There can be a number of options that you can go with. Normally it is kept on the lighter side, like peanuts, dry fruits or a small non veg dish. It all depends upon the preference of the individual. You might have a few for yourself too. Blended malt is priced above the other drinks in the market and can command more price than just ordinary whisky. Those who consider themselves as the collector of drinks often bid highly to acquire a bottle that is limited in its number. Such bottles are aged and then processed. The packaging of the product is differentiated too, the bottles are made to be visually attractive to the buyer.

On a parting note, if you are looking to get started out then malt is the way to go. As you move on with the drink on your way forward, you can slowly graduate to blends. But it would not be wise to invest such a huge sum in the starting itself. Get to know the drink before you start having opinions. Having an occasional drink is not equal to being an alcoholic. You can indulge and have an expertise without letting it dominate your lifestyle or the choices that you make through it.