Arthritis and Magnetic Therapy – An Alternate Treatment Method

Arthritis is a leading cause of disability. It is a joint disease and there are more than a hundred types of arthritis and its related conditions. It is commonly found in women and occurs at an older age. But due to poor sedentary lifestyle habits and other causes, it also widely seen in younger adults irrespective of race and gender. In this article, let’s look at one of the most common type of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and what are the treatment method available.

Osteoarthritis – Hand / Knee / Wrist Joint Pain

Osteoarthritis is a joint pain affecting the hand, wrist, knee, back and hip area. Along with medications and exercises these are treated in various methods depending upon the severity of the pain. But it does not affect other parts of the body like rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Main Causes

The three leading causes for Osteoarthritis are aging, sports/accident injury and obesity. As it is commonly known arthritis, people have more awareness about this condition.

  • Symptoms
  • Pain

It is difficult to find the difference between normal soreness and arthritis especially when you are in the beginning stage. Lower Back and knee joints are the mostly affected areas. This gives a sharp pain when you try to move the affected joint in a direction, like opening a canister with arthritic finger.

  • Tenderness

Tenderness usually occurs at later stages of arthritis, usually in severe conditions. It gives a person a discomfort feeling when the affected joint is pressed. In some cases, swelling is visibly seen outside. People often can easily confuse this to ‘Gout’, another severe form of arthritis but it usually occurs in feet and feels hot around the affected joints.

  • Joint Stiffness

Stiffness is most common symptom of Osteoarthritis. It can be identified by numbness feeling in any joints especially after sitting for a long period in one place, and the knee joint feels numb and sluggish to do any activity. There is warming exercise specially curated to eliminate these kinds of joint stiffness.

  • Limited Flexibility

Loss of flexibility occurs right from the beginning stage of Osteoarthritis. It can be easily noticed, like when you have a hip joint pain, you may not be able to move immediately that affected area and need to take a break until it settles down. This affects the flexibility of the joint area gradually. In severe cases, most of the disability occurs due to the ignorance of these symptoms at early stages.

  • Diet and Exercise Routine
  • Specific diets are said to trigger the Osteoarthritis flareups and avoiding inflammation is essential. White Foods like Sugar, Salt, White Flour, Dairy products are believed to trigger flare-ups in many people. Having them in moderation or cutting them entirely from the meal is ideal solution.
  • Also, avoid ready made foods, as these processed foods contain high level of sodium which is a common trigger factor. Alcohol consumption, especially beer is known to contribute the flare-ups as it contains high level of purine in it.
  • Stretching is the best method for joint stiffness condition. It increases the mobility and gradually increases the flexibility of the joint muscles with a free range of motions.
  • Treatments

Apart from the Medications, Physical and occupational therapy, there are many alternative therapies which if practiced rightly with appropriate accessories gives an effective result. Let’s look at some of the Alternate Therapy’s.

  • Hot / Cold Therapy

Providing heat on the ached joint is an age old traditional method which is practiced across races. It gives a soothing relief instantly and can be used from mild to severe cases. In today’s technology it has evolved with latest innovations by making it easy to use, portable and reusable.

These reusable Wrap strap can be used in body parts like ankle, wrist, knee joints and hip or lower back area. Aquarius Hygiene provides many options for Hot / Cold Therapy pack with Thera Pearl Technology.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is performed by painless thin small needles inserted into the affected joint area. It is suitable for people who have mild to moderate joint pain.

  • Massage

People with chronic conditions greatly benefit from this Massage therapy. It can be done by self or by a professional message therapist and patients are said to have a great relief. Their main purpose is to induce better sleep which makes the muscles and joint to rest.

  • Meditation Techniques

It is vital not only for arthritis persons but to healthy individuals. It helps the patients from mild to severe cases as we inhale and exhale the breath deep from the abdomen, relaxes the joint muscles instantly. Mediation is an effective way to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere and it works wonders for Mind and body too if done in a correct way.

  • Hydrotherapy

Just like swimming which gives overall benefit to the body, these hydrotherapy, strengthens the muscles. It involves special warm water exercises and benefits most of the type of arthritis.

  • Magnetic Therapy
  • In Magnetic therapy, the magnets are placed as close to the pain of the joint area. This can be used in severe cases of osteoarthritis, with super magnet strengths they heal the affected area quickly.
  • Magnets are known to increase the healing of the bones from the fractures in a very effective manner. They not only increase the bonding of the bones together but also helps to create new cellular growth around the facture site.
  • In case of a bone fracture, these magnetic straps should be applied to the area as soon as possible.
  • Normal day to day activities can be performed in an effortless way by using MagneticTherapy accessories like compression gloves for fingers and wrist protection, and magnetic induced slippers for foot healing.

These can be purchased from a reputed brand for high quality. Like Aquarius Hygiene which offers a high quality magnetic gloves, which is light weight and improves the circulation and heals the weak joints.