The background of Abraham Lincoln University

Abraham Lincoln was a Lawyer and American politician who was the sixteenth president of the United States (1861-1865)! Always evoked as the president who abolished slavery, Abraham Lincoln is one of the most admired figures in American history; the honesty, the strength of spirit and the depth of his thought and convictions, evident in his writings and speeches, stand out among the virtues of a statesman whose performance was not without hesitation.

Abraham Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln University

Unfortunately, when Lincoln assumed the presidency, a national crisis that had lain since the beginning of the century was coming to an end: the confrontation between the dynamic and modern industrial societies of the northern states, which rejected slavery, and the aristocracy of the landowners in the south, owner of immense plantations that employed millions of slaves, and saw in the suppression of slavery the end of their way of life. Have a look at the Abraham Lincoln University.

Although Lincoln was among the most moderate of the abolitionists, his election sparked the separation of the southern states and not evens his conciliatory mood or the vigour of his eloquence could avoid the bloody war of Secession (1861-1865), which faced to the newly created Southern Confederation with the Union of the northern states. After two militarily adverse years, Lincoln led the Union to victory; abolished slavery restored the unity of the nation and decisively guided the country towards industrial capitalism, laying the foundations that would make it a great political and economic power.

The forging of a President of the USA It is long and full of difficulties. Abraham Lincoln belonged to a family of entrepreneurs who did not care to change their residence to start life again and again in different places. His parents came from an English family that had settled in the British colony in the eighteenth century. The Abraham Lincoln University was originally from Virginia, but their father moved to Kentucky, where Abraham was born. When the future president was seven years old they went to Indiana, where Abraham got a job with a merchant who brought products to New Orleans. In one of the trips along the river, with a raft, he repelled the attack of a group of black slaves who had escaped from his plantation.

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The land in Kentucky did not perform as expected and in 1829 the family decided to try their luck in Illinois, where the brother of Abraham’s mother had settled, highlighting the advantages of those lands. They settled in Springfield. Two years later, Lincoln accepted a job in New Salem, a small town about a hundred kilometres from Springfield. When he was 23 years old he decided that he should take care of his training. As he once said: “He knew how to read, write and count, and even the rule of three, but nothing more. I did not know many things. I never studied in a school or academy. What I have in education has been collected here and there, according to the demands of the need. ”

A self-taught

Abraham Lincoln left his job at the farm in New Salem where he worked to fight as a private in the so-called Black Hawk War against the Fox and Kickapoo Indians. Meanwhile, he undertook his self-taught training. Towards 1836 he obtained a degree in Law. Two years before, his anti-slavery attitude had led him to intervene in politics, which earned him his election as an Illinois deputy for four periods, between 1834-1842. Thanks to his defence to obtain the best living conditions for blacks and his eloquence, he achieved great popularity throughout the State. He obtained the election for the House of Representatives in the Congress of the United States by Illinois on March 4, 1847, and remained in it until March 3, 1849.

After his experience in Washington, he dedicated himself to forensic practice. He was very successful as a lawyer in Illinois. Lincoln’s character was restless, he alternated moments of euphoria with other depressives, his mood was changeable, but this emotional instability moderated long after his marriage with Mary Todd in 1842. From this union, four sons were born, all male. One of them died as a child before his father arrived at the White House. Another son also died as a child, in Washington, when Lincoln was still president. Finally, the youngest of the children would die six years after the death of his father. The eldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln, survived all, had offspring and stood out for his great intelligence, inherited from his father.

The Abraham Lincoln University

Abraham Lincoln was born into a Quaker family of settlers. During his childhood and youth, marked by the poverty of his family, he toured the Mississippi and lived closely the inhumane conditions suffered by black slaves. He was twenty-three years old when he left the farm where he worked to fight as a private in the war against the Indians. Meanwhile, he undertook his self-taught training and by 1836 he obtained a law degree. The Abraham Lincoln University is now very popular and renowned as it offers the education of law!

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